In the market economy of countries and in bank-enterprise relationships, there is always a level of transparency able to directly or indirectly determine the level of economic and financial risk of the companies that operate in the market.

Our mission is to use big data technologies to create greater transparency in the world of credit and to reduce financial and capital risks. We believe that finance is both a functional and instrumental factor in the economic and financial sustainability of companies that operate in the ecosystem country.

This is why we believe it is important to assess the true and correct financial positions of companies by carrying out an in-depth analysis of their financial data and by using an optimised intelligent logical scientific process designed to provide an intelligent management of the equity and financial risks, in that, the information presented in the financial statement is not sufficiently comprehensible by neither the business community or financial companies, even if it is aimed at truthfully and correctly representing the economic and financial situation of the company at a given time.
The UNIGIRO analysis engine tends to minimise the levels of risk that affect the profitability and solvency of companies by creating a controllable management of the financial and fiscal risks that are sometimes still difficult for management and stakeholders (public creditors, private lenders, employees, collaborators, suppliers, customers) to control.
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