The risk management department works alongside the data analytics department in order to provide:

  • Indicators optimised for business situations.
  • Support in due diligence, financial and legal accounting in extraordinary and crisis management operations.
  • Business intelligence decision-making processes that support the client company in understanding and managing business risks, be they economic, equity, financial, operational, technology, legal.

We optimise the company's strongpoints through a data analysis.

  • Understanding of every single recorded financial statement, its commercial or financial nature and its consequences in the reference context.
  • Analysis of financial risks deriving from the under-capitalisation and the low degree of equity soundness that could result in credit and insolvency risk. This analysis is carried out based on the accounting data expressed in the financial statement which are aimed at truthfully and correctly expressing the economic and financial situation of the company, in other words, it represents the company's active and passive legal relationships. The analysis takes place by means of structural margins which are used to understand the compatibility and the temporal consistency between loans and funding sources in use. For this purpose, the analysis engine associates a marginal analysis with an analysis of the capital and financial indicators, with the current ratio and with the liquidity ratio, which gives us an in-depth understanding of the financial soundness of the company, that is none other than its capacity to deal with potentially unfavourable internal and external changes resulting from endogenous market factors.
  • Analysis of the illiquidity and insolvency risks for companies. This analysis ensures a direct and timely understanding of the level of solvency of the company, in order to understand its capacity to cope with the short or long-term financial needs that are due. It is carried out using liquidity ratios, current ratios and treasury margins which are correlated with equity solidity indicators, economic-financial indicators, turnover and economic and equity indicators through an automated logical-analytical process by the analysis engine.
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