The risk management department works alongside the data analytics department in order to provide:

  • Indicators optimised for business situations.
  • Support in due diligence, financial and legal accounting in extraordinary and crisis management operations.
  • Business intelligence decision-making processes that support the client company in understanding and managing business risks, be they economic, equity, financial, operational, technology, legal.

It analyses and evaluates the company from a strategic point of view as well as that of an economic and accounting and administrative one.

The company's consultancy department provides solutions that respond in a vertical manner to the needs of the customer based on the specific consignment conferred allowing the Risk Management department and the Date Analytics department to work together.

This is why we carry out a strategic analysis of the area in which the company operates and we offer due diligence services for contracts, tax, accounting and financial issues aimed at supporting the customer in managing a company crisis and in risk assessment.

Understanding every single recorded financial statement, its commercial or financial nature and its consequences in the reference context.

Data Analytics is the Risk Management and Business Consulting support department and is dedicated to the massive analysis of Big Data in order to support monitoring and optimizing risk management processes with machine learning, neural machine learning and intelligence artificial.
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